Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Snapper at Metrobeach: Sometimes when I am being bothered by fibro, I feel like this snapper--tired and cranky!!! ANd a little bit sad. Posted by Hello

Fibro at Metrobeach, May 4, 2005

I’m out at Detroit Metrobeach. and haven’t been walking very long. I settle on a bench because my fibro is bothering me. It is worse than usual. It may be because of the butter. I ran out of the special margarine I'm supposed to use to have been using butter for several days. I also have a little asthma and congestion.

The fibro is manifesting itself most prominently as a painful tightening in the hips and lower back. It's slowing me down. I feel tired and in pain and a little depressed by my inabilities. I’ve been feeling better so this is a disappointment.

I am rarely tempted to write about the fibro except when it worsens. When I feel good, I am otherwise engaged.

At the moment, I have 4-5 goals: get my minimum constitutional done (because of the fibro, I have no desire to do extra), write my retreat piece, read about the digital voice recorder and Olli, and be home before 3:30. This schedule doesn't allow extra sitting time, but the fibro requires it.

There are not enough benches, logs, or rocks for people suffering from fibromyalgia out here.


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