Monday, April 03, 2006

Me, with Tumor

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The Size of my Tumor

My tumor is a meningioma, in the lining of the brain in the back on the right. it is 1.3 cm, a slow growing, nonmalignant tumor that did not cause the dizziness which he says was probably caused by a problem in the inner ear and may not recur. Dr. Aziz says they need to watch the tumor, but at this time it is not causing any problems and is unlikely to in the near future. It could take decades to grow (or might not grow at all.) And if it needs an operation, it is the easiest brain tumor to remove (not that it is risk free).
I have included a photo demonstrating the size of the tumor, about the size of my baby fingernail, a bit smaller than the face on a dime. But it is still there, and it's still a threat. Still, if I have to have a brain tumor, it's apparently the least bad kind to have, for which I am grateful.
The meningioma tumor is benign and carries the possibility of "cure" in approximately 80% of cases. The long-term outcome for a patient with this tumor is a direct function of the skill and assiduousness of the surgeon who removes it. This is the same type of tumor my mother had, which grew to the size of a lemon before it was removed. Posted by Picasa


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