Saturday, January 19, 2008

Portrait of the Artist on a Diet III

Portrait of the Artist on a Diet III, by Mary Stebbins Taitt.

(Hunger Hunger Hunger Hunger!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

here I am

This is making me smile now, but this is how I felt all day yesterday.

from an art display at Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson MI and I do not
have access to the information about the artist. If you do, let me

This is similar to one posted to No Polar, but that's because I've
been having computer woes.

Out from under the bed

I've been feeling a bit depressed but I'm a bit more cheery today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Something Hopeful

In the midst of the dark and dreary days, my success so far at losing
weight is a hopeful note like the reminder that spring will in fact


Most of the time, I'm not hungry any more.  Except, appropriately, at most meal times.  My hunger and my cravings, two different things, come and go, but I'm so unhungry that I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.  This is NOT a good thing, I think eating 3 meals is better (I am NOT bragging!).  But I was working and lost track of time--that would not have happened in the first 3 days of my diet!  Then, I could think of nothing but food and my stomach literally HURT.

SUGAR and WHITE flour make me hungry and I do MUCH better if I avoid them entirely--including, unfortunately, fruit, which I think is good for me.  (I will gradually reintroduce it later.)

Several times yesterday, I wanted stuff some sugary white floury stuff like cookie dough into my face but managed to avoid it.  AK! 

My cravings have diminished a lot, but they are very sneaky and I have to be vigilant.

Morning Jog

Goodmorning!  :-D

7:58 AM, I am just back from an early morning jog--it's still dark here.   16-minutes.  Jogged all the way around the block.  I think I feel a little better but my jogging was also because of time constraints--I needed to get back to see Piano boy off to school.  But it is nice to start the day off with a little jog!  :-D  YAY!  Sometimes, my fibromyalgia prevents that!  How you doing this fine morning?  I hope you are well and healthy!  YAY!

Morning report

LOL!  My weight is down 6.5 pounds from yesterday!  But that is only 2 pounds from the day before yesterday--ah the dangers of daily weighing!  I've got to vut that out!  But yay!  I am back to trending in the right direction!  Wahoo!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Resolutions, Goals, and Action Plans

New Year's Resolutions, January 2008
A work in progress


  1. WEIGHT:  lose weight, get to a healthy appropriate weight (135?  135 is the recommended weight for my height)
  2. SOCIAL:  Marriage, family, friends.  Have friends and a social network in this area and maintain in a reasonable way my old friendships.  Explore what this means and how to do it.  (Take classes, join activities, etc), Maintain old friendship, begin new ones, Enhance marriage and family.
  3. HEALTH:  optimum good health--take steps to optimize my personal health, social and family health and world/earth health, spiritual financial health
  4. WRITING:  finish works in progress and send them out, pursue, play educate self and others.
  5. ORGANIZATION: Organization:  clean, unpack, organize, daily plan
  6. ART:  pursue, educate, do, play, send out, exhibit
  7. FUN:  Have more fun!  Have fun with art, writing, friends etc.  Laugh more.  PLAY!  Smile!
  8. FINANCIAL:  get fiances organized and straightened out


  1. I, Mary, hereby resolve to start a new diet and to stick with it until I reach my goal weight AND to then slowly institute a maintenance diet that works for me--with great care.  (see diet plan below and in separate file)


  1. avoid white sugar and white flour
  2. no snack foods (eg:  chips)
  3. portion control phase 1:  one serving meats, whole grains, look up serving sizes (meat 3-4 oz.), no seconds.
  4. no drinks other than water or herbal teas
  5. Fruit only at dinner, one (or none)

  1. physical
    1. Diet-start a new diet, plan and execute it and pay attention
    2. breakfast every day (small)
    3. Exercise--strength training, start a plan
  2. mental/emotional
  1. make appointment to start therapy
  1. social--make new friends, contact and visit old ones, make dates, join something
  2. sexual
  3. financial
  4. spiritual

  • write poems
  • write stories
  • write novels
  • write cnf
  • create manuscripts
  • revise poems
  • revise stories
  • revise novels
  • revise cnf
  • revise manuscripts
   Send out (all the above)(AND RESEND!)
   organize and keep track of (All the above)

3)organization--clean, unpack, organize day and work
        a)daily schedule
  1. eat breakfast 1 hour after taking synthroid (eat a healthy abstinent breakfast.)
  2. in the hour preceding breakfast, walk, run, do exercises
  3. bed by 11 PM, up by 7 am except when sleep is really bad

  • get signed up for Dawn's class, join Springfed arts, call Dawn make appointment,
  • contact Sam,
  • keep in touch with distant friends,
  • look for one new friend locally.

   Financial Immediate and short term
  1. change checking account to free checking or close account
  2. divide direct deposit from annuity ?
  3. change setting on investment account dealing with income from stocks--reinvest/direct deposit?
  4. have a small direct deposit to La Salle from investment account if necessary?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

diet improvements

YAY!  I have finished two full days of my new diet and gotten partly through day three.  Although I know it doesn't mean much, I've already lost a fair amount of weight!  I was very hungry all day, day one, and 2/3s of day two and then it subsided a little and today, it is better yet.  I'm still a little hungry, but not in pain (my stomach really hurt for 1 2/3 days) and I can think of something other than how hungry I feel.  This is a good thing because I have a lot of other stuff to do--like work ont he adoption etc.  I couldn't concentrate on it (or anything else) for the first couple days.  Piano Boy has gone off to Landslide, which is a skater Park 45 minutes away by car--he's gone with a friend, and Biker Buddy had to work today, so I am home alone and hope to be able to concentrate enough to accomplish something.  YAY!  Hope hope.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I am very hungry.  I got up hungry yesterday, was hungry all day, and went to bed hungry.  I got up hungry today and have been very hungry all day so far.  My stomach hurts.  Diets are a drag.  I keep hoping I will lose my appetite a little.  I sometimes do when I am dieting, after the 3rd or fourth day.


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