Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Stupidity

Piano Boy probably had a date.  He asked Biker Buddy to drive him to Borders and drop him off--it's 1.5-2 miles there from home, depending on the route you take.  When they got to Borders, PB took off his hoodie and tossed it in the back of the car.  He got out onto the street in his T-shirt.  The temperature at the point was in the teens and dropping.  BB stopped him and asked how he was going to get home and told him he'd get cold and should take his hoodie with him.  PB repeated his words in a mocking tone.  We were not going to be home for a while, and BB was genuinely concerned about PB's well being.

Late in the evening, PB arrived home.  He came in the door, greeted me cheerfully, and disappeared up the stairs.  It was about 8:05.  He's supposed to practice the piano at 8:30.  At 8:45, when he had not come down to practice, I went up to get him, and glowered in at BB who was reading on the couch, wondering why he hadn't sent PB down to practice.

"He's lying in bed groaning and whimpering and won't move,"  BB said.  "Maybe you can get him to go down."

I went in to investigate, and PB was curled in a ball under the quilt and several other blankets moaning and nearly crying.  I told him to get up and do his practicing--he's always coming up with excuses to skip practicing, so at first, I just thought he was crying wolf.  But he didn't budge and said he hurt all over.  Then I thought maybe he was getting sick, because BB and I both have had long bouts of a bad cold.  I reached in under the blanket and his body was like ice--utterly cold to the touch--and he'd been lying in bed under the covers for a long time. 

"Did you walk home from Borders in a T-shirt?"  I asked.  (I'd assumed he'd gotten a ride from someone, becasue he came in so cheerful.)  It was ten degrees out.  He did walk.  I made him sit next to BB on the couch, wrapped them both in a quilt, brought him a large cup of steaming hot chocolate.  I was genuinely frightened.  He could die of hypothermia if his core temperature falls to low.  I was near tears, but once he warmed up, I was furious with him.  We were home by the time he came home, he could have gotten a ride--he didn't ask.  He also could have dressed more wisely, obviously!

He lay in BB's arms for an hour and then went to bed without doing his practicing.  I drove him to school this morning.  He was dressed lightly in a T-shirt with a light long-sleeve under it.  I told him to at least put on a hoodie or his motorcycle jacket.  He said they were all at school except the one he left in Dad's car.  He has a dentist appointment this afternoon.  The dentist's office is a quarter of a mile FARTHER AWAY than Borders--in other words, about two miles from home.  I asked him if he wanted a ride home. 

"No," he said, "I'll walk."  I hope he puts on a few hoodies or his jacket.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm in a rage but--deep breath---ha ha ha ha!

Grrrr! I wish I had had a camera. PB called at 1:30 and said he needed his choir clothes. HELLO? I'd driven him to school because he said he needed his choir clothes and he took the Louis bag full of clothes--I could see the hangers.

Oops, wrong clothes.

"My CHOIR clothes," says, exasperated, as if I have all the details of his choir clothes memorized. I go upstairs, after telling him he's interrupting me.

"Name them," I say, grabbing the vest. The one with the sequins.

"The vest, the red one."

"Got it."

"The tuxedo vest."

Huh? We go through a bunch of shenanigans until I find the right thing.

"The white shirt."

"The tuxedo of course."

"Got it. Anything else?" I name what I've got. I name it twice.

"No that's it." I shove everything in a large bag and drive over. Honk multiple times and he finally comes out from Jay's in his Stewie PAJAMAS! Hello? (and it's VERY COLD out!) I hand him the bag, he says "Thanks," I leave.

I'm in the driveway when I hear the phone ringing in the garage.

"You didn't bring my pants."

"You didn't mention pants!" At this point I lose it, and yell and holler and say bad words. It's the second time I've said bad words this week when someone else might have heard them--in this case, Jay's Mom if she was nearby.

Then I go up, look in his closet, and have no idea what pants he want. I grab the navy blue ones, drive back over to Jay's, honk again. He comes running out--God I wish I'd had my camera handy and was quick with it--he comes running out with a tuxedo, a white pleated tuxedo shirt, a white tuxedo vest, and Stevie pajama bottoms flapping in the wind. LOL! What a sight to see!

I was laughing too hard to be angry at that point! But it took HALF hour two run back and forth including rummaging time. Which may not seem so bad but add it to the 45 minutes and that is an HOUR and 15 minutes of totally wasted time due to his carelessness and inability to listen to instructions. meanwhile, my lunch is burning!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

YAY! An Acceptance! Wahoo!

Yay!  I just had an art piece accepted for an online peace site. More info to follow (I'm all excited!  YAY!)

I spent the entire morning in bed with this terrible cold, but now I am feeling somewhat better for the first time in several days.  Phew.  I'll probably fade again later, but feeling better even temporarily is a good thing.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

good news and bad

The good news is I lost 5.7 pounds from yesterday.  The bad news is, I'm sick and that may be why.


OK, it is "just" a cold, but I am miserable.  I feel utterly rotten, my eyes are burning, I'm all bundled up because I'm cold, my nose is both stuffed up and running at the same time.  I am exhausted but I can't sleep because I can't breathe.  Sigh.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Morning report, 1-5-08

I gained 1.4 pounds! However, I forgot to mention yesterday, I think, because I didn't post my cogitations on the subject, that I am not "officially" starting my diet until a week from today--Monday January 11th, as I have Christmas and other items I have to use up first. Yesterday I finished my dates and my raspberry beer. I wish somehow these items could be either eliminated or somehow confined to the OLD year, so I could start dieting right away at the beginning of the new year after the holidays. I also ate 3 cookies left from the Christmas cookies I'd made for myself to help keep me out of the other Christmas treats. They were whole wheat barley cookies. And then I ate one of the ones with raisins and nuts I'd made for others. When I picked it up, I thought it was one of mine, but when I discovered it wasn't, I ate it anyway. That was no one's fault but mine. But I will eat no more of those and from this point forward as long as I can manage to stay on the diet, no beer or alcohol. No white sugar or flour. But I still have figs to eat. I want to get them eaten before next Monday. They are maybe half gone. They are very tasty yummy figs. I love them. They are also high in sugar content. This is the transition week, cutting back gradually. To make it easier to make the transition to dieting after the holidays. Tonight is Coney night. I do not want to go to the Coney and I hopefully will not be going again for a long time, as long as I can manage to stay on my diet. The boys will go without me. I will not be making more cookies and I hope to avoid social occasions that involve eating as much as possible until I am firmly established in my diet. The one exception is that we haven't seen S & J for a long time and if we have the opportunity to visit with them, I want to be able to do that.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Good News and Bad Regarding my Weight

Good News and Bad Regarding my Weight

It's the new year and time to try again to lose weight. The good news is that I weight 24 pounds LESS than I weighed a year ago. Yeah, I know, I don't look a bit different and I still look fat, but I do weigh less and my clothes are a little looser and more comfortable. The further good news is that I only gained about 8 pounds over the holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year's, which will be easier to lose again, I hope, than the 25 or so I gained last year over the holidays. The bad news is that I am about 20 pounds heavier than I was at my lowest during the summer, and I am sick with all the usual problems I get when I travel. I have a sore throat, probably from eating dairy products inadvertently. I have pain in my feet and joints etc., the usual, somewhat exacerbated by bad food. The good news is that it is not as bad as it often is after I travel. Worse than normal, but less worse. I attempted to be extremely careful.

I am starting a diet, gradually at first, but then escalating, I hope. I can never predict the course of these things, but I intend to keep trying. Health first, weight loss second. Exercise.

I will report back. I hope. Sometimes, I get so busy I just cannot keep track of things or blog.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to You. :-D May 2009 be the best year yet for you personally and for the country and world.

We got back from a trip to New York last night and Piano Boy immediately left. He was told to come home at 8:30, but he never came home or called. I hope nothing happens to him. It's like the boy who cried wolf. If he's ever in real trouble, we won't be appropriately worried because he is so irresponsible. We won't be looking for him or calling the cops because it's become a habit for him to disobey.

We're having freezing rain. Thank God we didn't have it yesterday when we were traveling. Fear of bad weather and oncoming freezing rain turned out to be a source of a problem yesterday that caused pain, distress and shame. WAHN!


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