Friday, February 29, 2008

Cool leaping

Cool leaping, by Mary Stebbins Taitt.

Yes another variation. (Others at Imagik and No Polar).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good and Grateful Savoring

Good and Grateful Savoring

2-26-08, T
  • I am GRATEFUL for the snow (as long as we all stay safe) because I am happy to get exercise shoveling snow.  I feel as if I am being useful and "killing two birds with one stone."  Or maybe I should say instead, feeding two birds with one seed?  I'm accomplishing two things at once, anyway, which is good.  :-)
  • I have been and am SAVORING the beauty of the new-fallen snow.  I like the snow on the fine branches of the dogwood and on the spruce.  I've been enjoying it immensely, looking, savoring, taking pictures.  Imagining art pieces, appreciating nature's art.
  • I am grateful that I lost weight once more.  YAY!  :-D  3.2 pounds down today from my last weigh-in.
  • I am grateful that I had time to work on an art piece today
2-25-08, M
  • I am grateful that I got my exercise by walking to and from Dr. Beeai's.  Two accomplishments at once.
  • I am very grateful that I did not get sick coming or going or while I was there (At Dr. Beeai's).
  • I am grateful that I got a poem revised. YAY!  :-D
  • I am grateful that Keith read to me.  YAY!  :-D

Another weight Loss! YAY!

Another weight Loss!  YAY!

In four days since my last weigh-in, I lost 3.2 pounds, in SPITE of going to a party on Sunday and significantly overeating.  Or, maybe because of it.  I got very sick and was sick Sunday night, all day yesterday, and am still sick.  I didn't eat much yesterday and lost a lot of what I had eaten.  But there is a silver lining to certain clouds.  Instead of gaining weight, which I probably would have, I lost weight, which is good news.  :-D

Ungrateful! :-(

Ungrateful!  :-(

Things I am NOT grateful for:

I just spilled my paint water, more than a quart of water with water colors in it, down through my ribbons and wrapping papers and all through my poems and stories done on an inkjet printer and onto a cream-colored rug--and now I have a HUGE mess to clean up.

I AM grateful it's not worse than it is, however.  I could have been MUCH worse.  But still.  It would have been better had it not happened at all!

I am still sick.  WAHN!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunset storm over Greenfield Village and 3 good things

Sunset storm over Greenfield Village and 3 good things, by me, Mary
Stebbins Taitt. I started out to make a picture for this blog. I
made one and decided it was too "good" for this blog and posted it to
Imagik. So I made another this blog, but then I posted it to No Polar
COordinates. Finally I made one for Unbearable Darkness.

My three good things:

1) A photo for Imagik
2) A painting for No Polar Coordinates
3) A painting for Unbearable Darkness, LOL! Finally.

I also made a painting with paper and water color and pastels and if
Biker Buddy doesn't want it for his personal collection and my
daughters don't want it, I will donate it to Turtle Ink Press. YAY!

The new paper painting is a variation on one I made for Leaf Lady for
her birthday
, which is tomorrow.

And this is a variation on the other two. I never seem to be able to
leave "well enough" alone. I always wonder, what would happen if . .

As always, click the image to see it larger. This one is quite similar to the No Polar one, just redder. And of course, I did fool with it, but you probably can't tell (I can, because I spent a lot of time on it, but whether that time was worth it is another thing altogether! LOL!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clair de Lune (last night on Lake St. Clair)

We were having fun taking pictures of the moon--I was really happy. But Keith fell on the ice and injured himself and is in bed now with 3 tylenols and in pain. (Click image to view larger.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad diet news :-(

Bad diet news   

I'm weighing twice a week now, and this morning was my weigh-in and I had GAINED 1.1 pounds.

I am not surprised, but sad.

We went out to dinner the other night and I totally broke my diet at dinner and then we went to a friend's house and I ended up having pie even though I told them at least 6 times that I didn't want any.

To further complicate things, I've added raisins to my diet 3 times a day.  I need to eat them, because nothing else seems to work, but they add extra sugar and make me feel hungry.  :-(

I am going to have to make some adjustments, somehow.  (Don't eat out, don't go to anyone's house, shrink portion sizes smaller.)

Sigh.  :-(

Sunday, February 03, 2008

One month diet report:

One month diet report:

I have been on my diet a month today.  I have lost 23 pounds, or an average of just under 6 pounds a week.  (This is assuming that the new scale is relatively synchronized with the old one which died over a week ago.)  I do not look much if any different and my clothes are not significantly looser.

I am happy with this rate of loss and will be happy as well with an even slower one, if I just continue to lose and not gain.


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