Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Insomnia report

Insomnia Report

I went to bed an hour ago and I just got back up. I hadn't slept a
wink and was wide awake and bored with lying in bed. I am tired. I
keep yawning. But I can't sleep. I feel restless and agitated.

I don't really want to be awake! or up.

Today, my fibromyalgia was better than yesterday (it was really bad
yesterday) until evening, when we went for an extra sunset walk and it
was BAD!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


When I went to Mick Mather art blog, I saw this picture and thought it looked like breasts laying on thorns--like two women at the edge of a thorn hedge, their breasts on the hedge. I wrote that to Mick, and my word verification was FATED! :-(

I just had a mammogram today that was full of shadows.

Seeing that combination--breasts, thorns and fated, scared me. I am hoping that shadows are fibrocystis and not cancer.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Health Issues for Dr. Appointment

Notes for Dr. Muna Beeai, 3-3-09


Ø Need prescription sent to Medco for refillable 90-day supplies, if possible, of Lescol and Synthroid. Am getting low. (Blood tests?) Currently taking:

o Synthroid, 50 mcg

o Lescol, 80 mg

Ø Need interpretation of doctors listed on the last form. (GYN, etc.)

o Need mammogram

o What was the other number? (Was it a talk therapist? Mammogram?)

o (Need to go to GYN—have called several times, but no appt yet.)

Ø Need another SLEEP STUDY! It’s been over a year since I had one and I never got my CPAP adjusted or got a new mask and I need one. NOT POLICHERLA! It’s been 5 or more years since I had a new mask or CPAP adjustments! (Since well before I moved here!)

Ø Flu Shot? I never got a flu shot this year—should I get one? I reacted very badly to the flu in 2001.

Health Report:

Ø General health somewhat better.

Ø Insomnia is a little better but still have BAD nights fairly frequently. Sometimes have spells of better sleep and sometimes worse.

Ø Fibromylagia is generally somewhat better, but there is still pain, which fluctuates.

Ø Arthritis in neck is somewhat better, still flares up.

Ø Pinched nerve is significantly better, but still flares up occasionally.

Ø Had a few tachycardia events and 1 vertigo event since last visit.

Ø Am still significantly obese! L

Ø My ADHD and memory problems seem somewhat improved much of the time.

Ø I get sick every time I eat out or eat at someone else’s house.

Ø My IBS is significantly improved. Still have occasional bouts.

Ø Had one strange “dizzy spell” (?) while walking that lasted only a few seconds. (I almost fell.) This was months ago and it has not recurred.

Ø Anger and other negative emotions seem to severely affect my sleep and fibromyalgia. I can’t always prevent them. Some therapy/intervention might help some?

Steps I am taking:

Ø I got a Blue Therapy Light (and a bright therapy light) and have been using them daily.

Ø I walk 45 minutes a day

Ø I take almost no sugar, as I seem to react very badly to it.

Ø I do my pinched-nerve physical therapy exercises almost daily.

Ø I do some yoga, stretching and other exercises daily. (sit-ups etc)

Ø I am trying to diet with varying success. I eat very carefully at home, avoiding milk, dairy, soy, nuts, chocolate, coffee, bananas, onions and other suspected foods.

Ø Take vitamins (including extra D), calcium, glucosamine chondroitin.

Upcoming appointments:

Ø Dr. Moudgil, brain tumor, March 19, 11 AM


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