Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tulips in the rain

In our back yard.

UP! :-(

I just remembered to weigh myself.  I forgot last week.  Proof that I am not concentrating on dieting very well, or I'd remember.

My weight was UP .9 pound from two weeks ago.  Not terribly surprising, since we had a couple meals out for mother's day etc recently and no huge effort at losing these last couple weeks--I've been so darn busy.

I've been on a plateau for a long time, wrought primarily from lack of any serious effort.  But I have been continuing to diet in a sort of half-assed way, so no great weight gains, either.  But if I am not careful, I will inch up and regain everything lost!  I need to pay more attention!  AK!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bullets of annoyance

After a certain point, I start getting annoyed and he pushed me over the edge again. Like all teenagers, lol, PB's good--really good--at pushing buttons. :-(

  • after not wearing a jacket all winter, and often wearing shorts, he called today (in May) from track to say he was cold and would I "make" Dad bring him some pizza to track.
  • When BB collected warm clothes for him and brought them to him, he refused to put them on.
  • when he arrived home, he complained that he was "freezing." This after BB took him out to dinner to a warm restaurant where he could get warm food and hot drinks.
  • there's a fork int he middle of his bedroom floor. Never mind what else is there. (I could go on and on).
  • he threw away half a large box of cereal that he neglected to close because it was stale, opened a new box, and left that absolutely open on top of the fridge.
  • he asked me to make him macaroni and cheese after ten PM tonight, when I was on my way upstairs to get ready for bed. I did. He didn't thank me, just argued with me about the cereal I wanted him to close.
  • He cut his hair over the sink and left the hair in the sink--a regular occurance. When BB asked him to clean it up and put the hair in the trash, he washed it down the sink. When told that was not a good idea by both of us, he dismissed us as stupid. When I explained that the sink was already running slow, he said snidely it was always like that (as if I was totally stupid and unobservant to not know that.) (It was his dismissive attitude that we know nothing that finally pushed me over the edge. I was so annoyed I couldn't sleep and am still up.)[The sink is clogged and running very slowly after all the hair he washed down recently!)
  • after PB's boxes were all closed up, I discovered the BB was setting a bad example by not closing HIS boxes!
This is only a small sampling from today; I'm too tired to go on.

I wish I were more like BB who goes in, lies down in bed and is asleep in 30 seconds. I keep thinking about taking PB into the bathroom and making HIM unclog the slow-running drain so he'll understand what he's done and stop acting like we're stupid. But of course, it'll be eleven years before he realized we're not stupid, and by then, we may BE stupid.

My problem is, when I allow these little annoyances to upset me, I can't sleep. :-(

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Grateful for the rain

It was sunny earlier, but it is raining now. I am grateful for the
rain. The plants need it. The animals need it; the garden needs it.
People need fresh water to drink, food nourished by rain to eat. When
it rains, I can concentrate on inside things that need to be done.
Rain has its own beauty and makes me grateful for sunshine. May
showers bring June flowers (lol!)


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