Thursday, May 26, 2011


I haven't been able to walk for two days now, which isn't good for diet, sleep, or fibro!!  :-(

still sorting wet stuff

I haven't been over to Rolandale yet, but K says there's silt--I hope he doesn't mean sewage.  I'm feverishly working here--worked until very late last night.  Worked all day today, have done nothing else--the piles in front of the house for the trash are growing.  Damp pictures and manuscripts are spread everywhere, and many boxes have yet to be explored.  There is grief and sorrow for both of us, lost books and photos etc.  (Not the same as losing your mother of course, but some of my precious pictures of my parents and several dear friends now passed were ruined.  Etc.

Our flood

Well, there were flood warnings, but we paid no attention.  They were going to be somewhere else, they always were.  Wrong.  They were here.  Our basement flooded and there was camera gear, telescopes, photographs, clothes, rugs, artwork, and other important and valuable items down there.  Boxes and boxes of STUFF.

This is NOT my first flood experience by a long shot, but each one is fresh.

To complicate the emotional aspect, I had warmed Keith that we should put stuff up off the floor.  He insisted Moran never flooded.  Never has.  Has now.

We DID put the stuff up off off the floor 6 inches or so--but the water was a food deep.  Not just water, either.  :-(

Each flood even is different.   And freshly painful.  And difficult. 

I can't believe how much work we have ahead of us.  We had been planning to leave to go camping tday.  I've pushed trip ahead a day, but we may either have to push it ahead further or cancel it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Unbearable Piles of $#|+

I have a couple doctor appointments today. The first one is with my
cardiologist, Dr. John, and the second with my pulmonologist, Dr.
Macon. After getting my CPAP adjusted to a new higher pressure
because I've gained yet more weight :-( , I am going, hopefully, to
walk at Dodge park, in part because it is near Dr. Macon's office and
better than walking on the streets near home.

Since I have had to wait two to three hours at Dr. John's, I brought
my iPad, which I am writing on now, my Psion, and a book. I packed
these in a briefcase.

Because I have to have the CPAP adjusted, I of course had to pack
that--in its own travel bag.

Because I am going to walk at Dodge Park, which is scenic, has herons
and lots of wildflowers, I wanted to bring my cameras.

Because one appointment is before lunch time and the other after
lunchtime, and it would be silly and stupid to try to drive home in
between, I packed a lunch, water bottles, bran.

Because they bare prediciting rain and maybe thunderstorms, I brought
a raincoat and hat.

Because I didn't want Keith to come home to a messy kitchen, I took
the time to wash the dishes and clean the counter etc. Because I was
then running late, I was trying to getbout the door with all these
incredible piles of $#[+, tripping and stumbling and having trouble
getting my keys out and getting the car open etc. Aiee! Sometimes I
think I am leading my life all wrong.

I am writing this in the examing room. I got called in 19 minutes
after my appointment time which might be a new record. For quickness.


"What is truer than truth? The story!" Isabel Allende, old Jewish Tale



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