Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Report on Tachycardia incident, Feb 5, 2010, for Muna Beeai

• Wake up, 3:30, use bathroom, return to bed, can't sleep, restless

• 5 AM, turn on left side. Immediately experience heart
flutter—arrhythmia, followed by tachycardia. This is accompanied by a
sense of pain and pressure. I am afraid I am having a heart attack
and might be dying. Then I think maybe it is just gas pains from
drinking water to fast when I got up to use the bathroom. But the
speeded pulse is real.

• My fibromyalgia flares up—everything hurts—shoulders, legs, knees,
thighs, neck—I am a mass of pain. Pain and tightness in chest
continues. I have a cut on my thumb and it feels as if it is on fire
with lightning

• This continues for a couple hours and finally slowly fades way. I
sleep for a couple hours, and when I wake up, I feel not quite right,
but gradually better.

• There was no vertigo.

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