Friday, April 15, 2005

Fibro's Unbearable Darkness of Being

OK, so it is not really unbearable or I would have committed suicide, but sometimes it is pretty close to it!

Yesterday I felt great—pretty good, anyway, all day long, but last night I suddenly was attacked internally by unbearable—almost unbearable--grouchiness and irritability, and I became itchy (all over) and restless. I couldn’t sleep at all. Everything started hurting.

I didn’t get my regular exercise yesterday, in part because I was diddling around all day with Silk Creek Review and in part because we had Graham’s celebration of learning last night and then went birthday present shopping. My new rheumatologist, Ami Milton, says exercise is one of the most important factors in the control of fibromyalgia, which she reminds me is a “syndrome” and not a disease.

But, while this may be the case, the sudden onset of symptoms in this case was probably NOT caused by my sudden lack of exercise, but by eating something I am “allergic” to. Dr. Milton thinks I may have celiac disease, in which case I would be allergic to wheat. But I am have been eating a slice of whole wheat bread at every meal and still feeling good, so I was suspecting something else. Here’s what I ate last night: hot wings, beer (beer is good with hot wings), and a bowl of Wheat Chex with hazelnut milk. Chicken should not be an issue; I eat that and feel fine. Beer is one of those things that could be an issue—I’m not supposed to drink it because of my sleep apnea. Wheat is a possible problem (Wheat Chex), but even more than that I am at the moment suspecting the hazelnut milk—because I had a similar attack driving here a few days ago. And on the trip I ate sweetened nuts. So I suspect either the nuts themselves or the sweetener.

I want to regain my good health on an elimination diet (not eat those items) and then try individually reintroducing them, one at a time, and see if I get sick. I hate doing that because I hate getting sick, but on the other hand, if nuts make me sick, or sugar makes me sick, I need to avoid them. And how else can I find out?

If you have an enlightening comment, or any comment at all, please leave it!


Erin said...

I am reading a book that takes place in the late 19th century when women were expected to be the weaker, more ill sex. One of the characters is a young woman who discovers that when she exercises (i.e. ice skating, tennis, cycling) she feels much better, even though her mother has all but forbid such activities. I'm just glad our society has come along to the point where women know that a brisk walk is good, not bad!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Getting regular exercise makes a world of difference in how I feel. It is as if the basic things are really basic. Good food, exercise and good sleep.

I too am glad we live in a "free" society and have progressed to the point where we are not afraid of "night vapors" and are allowed and encouraged to exercise.


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