Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Serving Size

I gave up desserts for Lent (even though I'm not religious) and also I am trying to limit myself to one serving of whatever I am eating.  Not 3 or 2 or even 1 and a half, one.  I haven't lost any weight at all; I've prolly gained weight.

A serving size isn't very big.  We are nearly out of food because we were supposed to shop Monday night, but couldn't.  So there was no food for lunch, no normal food and none for dinner either.  The boys will have pizza, but what will I have?  I'm allergic to pizza?

For lunch, I counted out 9 corn chips and ate them slowly.  Nine chips is a serving.  Didn't seem like much food.  I know it's not the greatest, but like I said, we're out of food.  (Real food, that is).

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