Monday, April 14, 2008

"cheats" don't work for me or any addictive eaters I know

I have to eat to live. BUT, I do not have to eat those things that are triggers for binge eating, usually sugar and refined grains. I know if I eat anything with sugar in it, or white flour, or snack foods like corn chips, I cannot eat just one. If I eat one, then I will eat more and more. There is no stopping place. It's not like eating broccoli, where, if I've had enough, I just stop. There's never enough. I might eat until I pop. Sometimes, I don't drag myself away from the food until feel ill from overeating--and then there are my allergies.  I have the misfortune to have addictive allergies and to tend to crave those foods to which I am allergic.  I want to eat what makes me sick.  It's a vicious cycle.

If I eat sugar, white flower, corn chips, etc, I not only want more NOW, I also want more LATER.  But if I stay "clean" and abstinent, I get to the point where I no longer crave those things--it takes a week to ten days of misery.

I have to say that I am better at this now than I used to be. I am pretty good at staying out of the things that trigger me worst: sugar and white flour. But parties are very dangerous places for me. I do not know what's in the food, and I am tempted to eat things I shouldn't. And it only takes one bite to set me off. When I go to a party or family gathering, I am usually good and sick for 3-4 days or more afterwards. I am healthiest when I just stay home.

But I am on a "plateau" in my weight-loss program, and I think it's because of my little "cheats."  Cheating doesn't work for me, because of my addictive allergies.  I am unable to eat a handful or corn chips without wanting more.

My fibromyalgia is generally better than it was, somewhat, as is my insomnia, but I had a terrible night two nights ago, and a terrible day yesterday.  And I think it was the food I ate several days ago.

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