Monday, September 01, 2008

insomnia poem

Leaf Lady send me this poem about insomnia.  My insomnia is like this only worse.  It has been somewhat better than usual lately, much (but not all of the time)--my "light therapy" (spending more time out in the sunshine especially early in the morning) and diet therapy (avoiding sugar and allergens) seems to be helping quite a bit.

Hi Mary -- I got the cutest book at a yard sale today -- poems written by Marchette Chute (best known, to me anyway, for "When I climb up to get a drink"). She also illustrated it with cute silhouette-type pictures, and presumably hand-printed the verses too. It was published in 1941 and reprinted in 1946. I got it free cuz the guy was giving away all the books.
Anyway, this one reminded me of your sleep troubles.
By Marchette Chute
I've been awake, and been awake,
I've counted lots of sheep,
I've shut my eyes up very tight,
But still I'm not asleep.
My pillow has gone somewhere else,
My sheet has crawled away,
I've counted up to ninety-six,
And still it isn't day.
There's nothing here to do at all,
And nothing here to see.
I'm very tired of the night,
And very tired of me.

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