Friday, October 03, 2008

Easy-Does-it Sick Day #2

I'm still sick, but I am incrementally better than yesterday—YAY!

I was able to stand up in the bathroom after my shower and brush and
braid my hair. Yesterday, I had to lie down as soon as I got out of
the shower. So that's an improvement.

I still feel incredibly tired. I feel as if a gallon of coffee and a
box of dark chocolate truffles might help. But they would only make
me feel worse later, so I am not caving. No coffee, no chocolate, I

I am simply going to take it easy. One minute at a time.

It takes three to four days to clear the system of 75-90% of toxins
and tiredness (assuming sleep in the meantime), and ten days to clear
it entirely. I am hoping in a few days to be able to function
relatively normally and resume my regular daily activities.


LDahl said...

I always get lost over here in your blogs... I get sucked in by morning photo's and afternoon showers. Flowers and weeds compete for my attention. Animals fart and you say you are sick. But I would give anything to smile like you do!:)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

My image blog is called Imagik.

Humorous you are.


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