Thursday, July 29, 2010

back from LEEP

**DANGER! Do not read if offended by VERY PERSONAL DETAILS!**

I am back from my LEEP procedure.

It was totally not fun, a bit of a torture chamber, starting with having to wait more than 2 hours from the time to procedure was scheduled.

First the doctor washed inside my vagina and my cervix with acetic acid (strong vinegar) and iodine, both of which burned! And stung.

She gave me 4 Novocain shots in the cervix--that hurt!

Then she cut of pieces of my cervix to 1/4 inch in depth--like pieces of MEAT! That hurt a lot. The Novocain did NOT stop it from hurting. I'm sure it would have been much worse without it. Then she cauterized it to stop the bleeding. That hurt too, but not as much.

During the cauterization, there was a fan running to blow the smoke out of my vagina so she could see what she was doing.

I was crying a little and jumping--I couldn't help it. She said not to jump, but I couldn't help it. You hurt me, I jump. I apologized, but then did it again. Multiple times. I just couldn't hold still when I felt the pain.

But anyway, it's over. I hope there will be no further procedures--she's sending the all the samples for biopsy. I have to go back on Aug 16 for a followup and to learn the results of the biopsies.

My butt is not healed, but is much better. It hurts for several hours every time I poop but if I only poop once in the morning, by afternoon I am nearly ok. My butt didn't hurt during the procedure.

And it doesn't hurt now, but my crotch sure does. No sex until after I see her again, but because of the rectal pain, which is sometimes severe, we haven't had much sex since it started--once or twice only.

I wrote that little letter about my walk as sort of a death-bed greeting--I was really nervous about the LEEP thing. I wanted to leave something behind in case I disappeared in a puff of smoke and pain.

I'm kind of a wimp about pain. :-(

The procedure didn't actually last all that long, though it seemed like it at the time--it was probably less than half an hour total time. It seemed like hours and hours.

Doctor's orders: I am not supposed to do anything, so BB is making dinner--Good thing I walked earlier!

I hope your day was better than mine. :-D

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