Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crossing the steppes of central Ontario

5:14 PM December 30

Fog lays over the snow and fades the darkening trees as the three of us in our over-heated cocoon hurtle through the steppes of central Ontario.  Keith says that our average speed over the last two hours is maybe 40 mph-- we're not making good time.  We had a very long wait at the border.  Then, the 402 was closed due to a bad accident and fire and we had a slow detour through the countryside.  Keith was hoping to make as much progress as possible before it got dark, because darkness alone will slow us down, but darkness is rapidly falling and we are only just into Canada.  Disappointing, for a number of reasons, one of which is that we'll get in late and we're both tired (Graham is sleeping now).  Another is that I have't walked yet today, and the later itnis when I get in, the less likely I am to want to walk.  And if I don't walk, I often feel worse.  Ah well.

Keith says, "well, I was hoping to hot London before it got dark.". It's about dark now.

We pass lovely vistas of prairie covered with snow layered with fog layered with the blue of nearly nightfall.  The highway is a stream of headlights on one side and taillights on the other.

I view the pictures in photo techniques magazine, but it is too dark to read the articles.

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