Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our flood

Well, there were flood warnings, but we paid no attention.  They were going to be somewhere else, they always were.  Wrong.  They were here.  Our basement flooded and there was camera gear, telescopes, photographs, clothes, rugs, artwork, and other important and valuable items down there.  Boxes and boxes of STUFF.

This is NOT my first flood experience by a long shot, but each one is fresh.

To complicate the emotional aspect, I had warmed Keith that we should put stuff up off the floor.  He insisted Moran never flooded.  Never has.  Has now.

We DID put the stuff up off off the floor 6 inches or so--but the water was a food deep.  Not just water, either.  :-(

Each flood even is different.   And freshly painful.  And difficult. 

I can't believe how much work we have ahead of us.  We had been planning to leave to go camping tday.  I've pushed trip ahead a day, but we may either have to push it ahead further or cancel it.

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