Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After 1 PM and stil no breakfast

When I woke up this morning, the small patch of sky I could see through the bedroom window was blue and I thought, good, I can finally mow the lawn--not that I like mowing the lawn, but it needed it.  But the radio said rain and the sky turned out to be cloudy and there were water droplets on the leaves, but it wasn't actually raining, so as soon as I did my sit-ups and fibro exercises, I went out to mow.  Without eating breakfast.  My hour was not nearly up from taking the synthroid, so I couldn't have eaten anyway.

The lawnmower started up on the second try, some sort of miracle!!!  It took me 40 minutes to mow the lawn.  It was so saturated from three days of rain that the wheels left muddy tracks!  On the end of the last lap, the lawnmower wheel feel off.  I could not find the cotter pin or whatever it is that should be holding the wheel on.

While I was mowing, I noticed that the small trees and bushes and grass had grown up so much on the "island" that the next door neighbors would have trouble seeing when they were backing up so after I finished mowing and cleaned the mower and dragged it limping into the garage, I looked for the loppers.  Couldn't find the new ones, assume they must have gone back to Detroit because we were planning on being moved by now, so I used the old ones and lopped away at the bushes.  It took a lot longer than I thought, and I didn't really complete the job.  I made t much better, but not the way it should be.  But I quit because I have other things I need to do!

I made a large pile of stuff, and when I went into the garage to find the yard waste bags, I couldn't find any.  I had some of my own and you had brought some, but none were in evidence.  Did they go back to Detroit, or have they been moved somewhere?

I left the pile in the driveway.

I came upstairs to write this note--sweating and sticky, it's hot and humid and of course, no air conditioning.  I have to take a shower, I'm all slimy and disgusting!  But I haven't had breakfast yet and I am hungry!!!  It's after noon!

By the time I eat and shower, the day will be half gone and I won't have gotten any cleaning or packing done!!!

I'd prefer not to waste time on yardwork, and not to have you waste time on yard work, because that's not getting me moved, BUT there are certain things that must be done!

Then, since I was on-line, I decided to post my BP picture, that gallery picture I'd worked on for the Redhouse.  And of course, there was email.

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