Friday, June 02, 2006

It ain't purty

Last night I had insomnia and what I call the "heebie jeebies," (Slang A feeling of uneasiness or nervousness; the jitters.  It comes with a feeling of things crawling on my skin, like bugs), not as bad as sometimes, but still enough to give me a restless itchy night with less than optimum sleep (and that's a bit of an understatement.) Don't read this if mention of bodily functions grosses you out (but I just had a super bad case of squirt poops and I believe it was connected to last night's heebie-jeebies.)

Yesterday I didn't eat much.  Was it connected to something I ate yesterday, or even the day before?   All I ate yesterday was:  oatmeal, raisins, rice milk cheerios, puffed Kamut, and blueberry chicken sausages.  I have eaten all those things before without a problem, I believe.  But now I have reason to believe that one or more of them could be making me sick.

The day before I had a ham and broccoli omelette with oat cheese and then I had fried oysters, calamari, paella, and root beer (and a little beer beer.)  The day before that I also had an omelette, only with hot Italian sausage instead of ham and with mushrooms.  And for dinner I had grilled shrimp and spinach salad and garlic toast (which probably had butter on it) and a virgin pina colada.  I don't know how far back I have to look to find what caused the problem.  Too bad I can't mark each meal with colored markers and then if I have a problem I at least know what meal it was associated with.

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