Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good and Grateful Savoring

Good and Grateful Savoring

2-26-08, T
  • I am GRATEFUL for the snow (as long as we all stay safe) because I am happy to get exercise shoveling snow.  I feel as if I am being useful and "killing two birds with one stone."  Or maybe I should say instead, feeding two birds with one seed?  I'm accomplishing two things at once, anyway, which is good.  :-)
  • I have been and am SAVORING the beauty of the new-fallen snow.  I like the snow on the fine branches of the dogwood and on the spruce.  I've been enjoying it immensely, looking, savoring, taking pictures.  Imagining art pieces, appreciating nature's art.
  • I am grateful that I lost weight once more.  YAY!  :-D  3.2 pounds down today from my last weigh-in.
  • I am grateful that I had time to work on an art piece today
2-25-08, M
  • I am grateful that I got my exercise by walking to and from Dr. Beeai's.  Two accomplishments at once.
  • I am very grateful that I did not get sick coming or going or while I was there (At Dr. Beeai's).
  • I am grateful that I got a poem revised. YAY!  :-D
  • I am grateful that Keith read to me.  YAY!  :-D

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