Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunset storm over Greenfield Village and 3 good things

Sunset storm over Greenfield Village and 3 good things, by me, Mary
Stebbins Taitt. I started out to make a picture for this blog. I
made one and decided it was too "good" for this blog and posted it to
Imagik. So I made another this blog, but then I posted it to No Polar
COordinates. Finally I made one for Unbearable Darkness.

My three good things:

1) A photo for Imagik
2) A painting for No Polar Coordinates
3) A painting for Unbearable Darkness, LOL! Finally.

I also made a painting with paper and water color and pastels and if
Biker Buddy doesn't want it for his personal collection and my
daughters don't want it, I will donate it to Turtle Ink Press. YAY!

The new paper painting is a variation on one I made for Leaf Lady for
her birthday
, which is tomorrow.

And this is a variation on the other two. I never seem to be able to
leave "well enough" alone. I always wonder, what would happen if . .

As always, click the image to see it larger. This one is quite similar to the No Polar one, just redder. And of course, I did fool with it, but you probably can't tell (I can, because I spent a lot of time on it, but whether that time was worth it is another thing altogether! LOL!)

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