Monday, December 08, 2008

GM issues and PB issues

TODAY they are talking about a buyout for GM on Capital Hill--it would be good for US if GM doesn't go under.  Dunno if it's really good for the country, but we'd be in deep shit.  We'd lose BB's retirement, as well as his job and our medical.

Saturday night, PB did not come home and did not call to say where he was (or ask permission to sleep over).  This was particularly bad since he'd also had a sleepover Friday night AND he had his piano recital on Sunday--we were really worried he'd forget and not come back in time or be so tired he messed up but he at least come home in time and played reasonably well.

We've had a string of such incidents and we don't really know what to do.  He's already grounded.  But that doesn't stop him.  And his grades SUCK!  And it's upsetting and worrisome for us.

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