Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where exhaustion Rears its ugly Head

When exhaustion Rears its Ugly Head

I had another sleepless night.  Went to bed at around 11:15 or so and laid awake for over two hours without sleeping at all, totally wide awake, getting progressively more agitated until I had to get up--stayed up until after three and tried again--laid awake another hour and then drowsed off and on.  I had another of these nights (maybe worse) a few nights ago and some not that great nights between and today I am really tired.  I mean exhausted, yet again.  Just feel pretty rotten. 

I'm trying to continue to function and do stuff, and one of the things I was doing was attempting to copy some stuff out of Charlie Myers' books.  He's my painting teacher and I am supposed to give the books back tomorrow, but I've been busy with my homework for my poetry class and haven't had time.  My Canon scanner works as a color copier but it isn't readily accessible because there are piles of stuff in front of it.  This isn't a real problem when copying single sheets, but big heavy books won't stay down on the platen, so I have to stand awkwardly straddling the stuff and hold the books down and I was doing that when I got an out of paper notice.  Earlier, I had moved a pile of a stuff--projects in process from one spot to another--right on top of my paper supply, and suddenly, I was just too tired to deal with it all.  I couldn't stand moving the pile one more time. 

I HAVE to copy this stuff today and I have to do it NOW or soon because later, we have to take Elphie, my smallest camera, to the camera store on Woodward because it isn't working right--VERY SAD (it will be out of commission for a while being repaired)--and every other day, we have a conflict that prevents going to Woodward (it's a ways away!)--piano lessons, piano theory class, etc etc.  I have to pull myself together and get back to copying--he gave me multiple things to copy out of multiple books--I wish he'd give me ONE book at a time.  AK!

I need this information though, and I cannot afford to BUY all these books at once.

AND I don't like the poem I wrote and revised yesterday, so I want to write a NEW one (for my poetry class)--and we won't EVEN go into the other things that are piling up--I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I want to just go lie down, but it's sort of pointless, since then I will just lie there wide awake thinking of the things I have to hurry up and get done.

OK, get paper, load cartridge, go back to copying.  Sometime today, I have to walk.  I was GOING to walk to the store for a looseleaf binder into which I could put all these pages I am copying.  I also need to get food and . . .  oh wait, I wasn't going there.  OK.  Grumble grumble growl.  Just sitting here for a minute, long enough to write this, has made me feel a frog hair better.

At least I don't have real problems yet, like many people in the world do, unless you consider permanent brain damage from insomnia a problem.  Scientist now believe insomnia causes not only temporary confusion, but PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE!

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