Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad Things! :-(

Bad Things!  :-(

  1. Bitten!  The good thing is that I finally saw Eager again and gave him peanuts and sunflower seeds.  He sat on my lap and my shoulder.  The bad thing is that when he wanted to play like he used to, he bit gently as usual several times, but then he bit hard enough to draw blood.  WAHN!  I dashed in and washed and squeezed and washed and squeezed.  Guess there will be NO playing with Eager any more.  WAHN!
  2. RATS?  I found two holes in ivy near the birdfeeder that could be rat holes.  We can't put out rat poison or rat traps for fear of harming Eager.  We may have to stop feeding.  But if we do, we'll have to make a concerted effort to get and give Eager some food, though being a squirrel, he should actually be able to survive on his own now.
  3. Tomatoes:  something knocked two more tomatoes off the tomato plant at the back fence--I brought them in and put them ont he windowsill to finish ripening.  They'd be better if they ripened on the "vine."
  4. Sleep ehn!  I was up in the night and awake for a while and then stayed in bed late because I was tired.  I hate that because it bites into my day and work time.


Nadine said...

Two nights ago I was kept awake by my back pain. Then last night I had IBS-related issues. And now I think I have the flu. Cold, hot, aches, etc.

Sorry about your troubles.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sounds like your troubles are worse than mine! EEEK! Hope they all go away--or subside.

My IBS has been generally much better, with occasional flare=ups--as long as I eat at home, I'm usually OK, it's eating out or someone's house that always gets me.

I had "the flu" recently, but it only lasted 24 hours or less.


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