Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Brave Benny Delays

Brave Benny Delays

I feel as if I am "making excuses" or "complaining," but it is true!  :-(  I haven't worked on my Brave Benny's Animal Alphabet book for a long time.  No wait, that's not exactly true--I haven't succeeded in doing any VISIBLE work on BBAA!  :-(

The other day, maybe three days ago now, I spent an hour and a half, maybe two hours, working on a layout sheet for the book, and I was within a hair's breadth of being finished with it, and the computer crashed and the file completely--and all my work--was gone, and since that time, I have not had time to sit and work again.  

Yesterday, ML came to dinner.  I spent the day racing around cleaning, shopping cooking, making desserts etc.  I didn't get any personal work done, except after dinner, during conversation, the paper testing. And so on--I won't go into it all, but something has happened every single day.  Belle Isle, Cranbrook, Graham's piano Lesson this morning.  AK!

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