Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Improved Fibromyalgia

Me, trying on hats at Greenfield Village 
The fibromyalgia isn't perfect, but it is MUCH improved!  YAY!

I am walking 45 minutes a day or more, doing sit-ups, other exercises and yoga stretching.

I am SLEEPING BETTER, a major factor in fibromyalgia, although still not perfectly.

What I think has made the difference is my diet:

I avoid:

  • sugar, in all forms, but particularly added sweeteners.  I do not eat much fruit.  (I do eat some, but not every day, and very small portions.)  I do eat vegetables that include fruits, such as red peppers, but again, in limited quantities. I also avoid, whenever humanly possible, artificial sweeteners.
  • refined grains (no white flour or white rice)
  • dairy
  • soy
  • legumes
  • nuts.  (I'm not sure about nut, but every time I test them, I have an insomniac night.  I hate testing, because of the often negative results.)
  • desserts--no dessert of ANY KIND
  • potatoes (and other high-glycemic foods)
  • snack foods (potato chips, corn chips, etc) (This is really a repetition, the reason I avoid them is because they have high-glycemic foods and refined grains)
I eat:
  • vegetables (except legumes)
  • fish, poultry, meat, shellfish
  • whole grains (with NO added white flour or grains)
  • occasional small portions of fruit
And I exercise daily, which helps with sleeping, and which is made easier by my improved fibromyalgia, that is, my lessened pain.

A side-benny from my fibro diet is that I have lost weight.

However, I have a recurrence of a very painful medical condition, a fissure. I am writing about it in its own blog, FISSURE.

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