Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Very TMI (My current "illness")

This is in the category of TMI--Too much information. I am including it here, because this is my "complaint" blog and because people have asked. Don't read if you are easily offended by unpleasant details.
A friend just asked, "What is wrong with you?
I said: There are many things wrong with me.  

But I think you mean, how am I sick.
It is sort of unpleasant and embarrassing, which is why I have not
explained more.

My husband and I both had some intestinal bug that is going around (here).  It causes diarrhea.  I had it for six days, and, I took some Pepto Bismo after a while, because it was so bad.  I took it near the end of the six days and it caused bad constipation, which ripped my rectum.  I have an anal fissure.  It is very painful.  The doctor says it was caused by the combination of the irritation from the diarrhea followed by the sudden constipation.  It has been bleeding a lot and hurts badly.  I have to sit in a tub of hot water or on a heating pad.  Or both.  I cannot travel until it has healed.
If this is TMI (too much information), I apologize (but since you
asked  . .  .   )
I have been taking some medication and treatments.  The first few days it actually got worse and the bleeding increased.  But now, each day, it seems to be getting incrementally better.  The increments, so far, are very small.
I really want to be better in time to take my trip to NY to see my
children and grandchild.  I am also going (hopefully) because a poem of mine was chosen to be made into a giant poster to be displayed on kiosks in Syracuse NY and they are having a celebration the night of the 18th.  That was why I intended to go that day, after the opera on the 17th.

This is the second time this has happened to me.  Once it has
happened once, the risk increases for it to happen again.  The
medication that finally helped last time was Canasa.  Nothing else
worked.  My friend has suggested honey.  I haven't tried that yet.

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