Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Stupidity

Piano Boy probably had a date.  He asked Biker Buddy to drive him to Borders and drop him off--it's 1.5-2 miles there from home, depending on the route you take.  When they got to Borders, PB took off his hoodie and tossed it in the back of the car.  He got out onto the street in his T-shirt.  The temperature at the point was in the teens and dropping.  BB stopped him and asked how he was going to get home and told him he'd get cold and should take his hoodie with him.  PB repeated his words in a mocking tone.  We were not going to be home for a while, and BB was genuinely concerned about PB's well being.

Late in the evening, PB arrived home.  He came in the door, greeted me cheerfully, and disappeared up the stairs.  It was about 8:05.  He's supposed to practice the piano at 8:30.  At 8:45, when he had not come down to practice, I went up to get him, and glowered in at BB who was reading on the couch, wondering why he hadn't sent PB down to practice.

"He's lying in bed groaning and whimpering and won't move,"  BB said.  "Maybe you can get him to go down."

I went in to investigate, and PB was curled in a ball under the quilt and several other blankets moaning and nearly crying.  I told him to get up and do his practicing--he's always coming up with excuses to skip practicing, so at first, I just thought he was crying wolf.  But he didn't budge and said he hurt all over.  Then I thought maybe he was getting sick, because BB and I both have had long bouts of a bad cold.  I reached in under the blanket and his body was like ice--utterly cold to the touch--and he'd been lying in bed under the covers for a long time. 

"Did you walk home from Borders in a T-shirt?"  I asked.  (I'd assumed he'd gotten a ride from someone, becasue he came in so cheerful.)  It was ten degrees out.  He did walk.  I made him sit next to BB on the couch, wrapped them both in a quilt, brought him a large cup of steaming hot chocolate.  I was genuinely frightened.  He could die of hypothermia if his core temperature falls to low.  I was near tears, but once he warmed up, I was furious with him.  We were home by the time he came home, he could have gotten a ride--he didn't ask.  He also could have dressed more wisely, obviously!

He lay in BB's arms for an hour and then went to bed without doing his practicing.  I drove him to school this morning.  He was dressed lightly in a T-shirt with a light long-sleeve under it.  I told him to at least put on a hoodie or his motorcycle jacket.  He said they were all at school except the one he left in Dad's car.  He has a dentist appointment this afternoon.  The dentist's office is a quarter of a mile FARTHER AWAY than Borders--in other words, about two miles from home.  I asked him if he wanted a ride home. 

"No," he said, "I'll walk."  I hope he puts on a few hoodies or his jacket.


Nadine said...

The not wearing a coat thing boggles my mind.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It was incredibly cold.


There is moire to the story, but I don't have time now to write about it.


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