Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PB Skips School Again

PB Skips School Again

I drove PB to school because it was raining and he had to bring his sports jacket, tie and a nice shirt.  But I thought that was for after school and he did not enlighten me.

Shortly after three, I called JG, J's Dad, to find out if J had given him PB's paperwork for Blue Lake--they have to send it in together if they want to room together.  J picked up the phone too and asked in an agitated voice if PB was there.  Both of them should still have been in school.  J said they had a half day when I asked why HE wasn't in school.  He said he thought PB was at S's but S wasn't picking up.  I was already annoyed, because PB hadn't mentioned a half day and why had I driven him with his fancy clothes then if there was no rehearsal--then J said, PB was not at rehearsal.  So I was thinking that during the half day, there'd been a rehearsal.  THEN J said they were leaving in 15 minutes for rehearsal and couldn't find PB.  PB carpools with J and they drive there (to North, 15 minutes away, so half hour round trip not counting the waiting).  So I called S's and S answered and I asked for PB and I heard S whispering to PB, "It's Mary, do you want to talk to her?" He did and I asked why he skipped rehearsal and he said because he didn't have his black pants.  Where were they?  At North.  I told him the Js were looking for him and he said he'd call them. 

I looked at the calendars and there was no scheduled half day.  EB, the choir teacher, arranged for the kids to miss their other classes for a big Dolly rehearsal yesterday afternoon. Which means that the rehearsal was a required school activity--choir is a SCHOOL class, not an after school class.  Which means that PB was playing hooky, which is illegal, of course.  He just took off and didn't bother going to his academic classes or choir. Whether he'll get caught or get in trouble is yet to be seen.  But he gets graded in choir and that grade gets averaged in and E has said that absences to required practices are zeros.  (Also, my driving him was wasted).  BB was annoyed also because PB had taken HIS sports jacket, tie and shirt--without permission, and had NOT brought them home again and where were they--shoved in his locker?  Then I was worried that he might not go to the second rehearsal for fear of reprisals.  But BB said he would and he did.

He's been having required rehearsals 3:45-9:30 and sometimes 10 every night and on on Saturdays and Sundays!  No other life.  Including academic!  Or sports.  He went out for track three years in a row (and did very well), but this year could  not because of Dolly.  His grades are suffering terribly.  As is his piano.  He didn't practice at all last week or yet this week. I'm worried and upset--it's $25/week for lessons and he was doing so well and is now doing nothing and the recital is coming up.

Not only that, but BB has said that he is going to wash his hands of it all and let PB sink or swim on his own.  I am furious with him (both of them)(bother them!)  PB is still a child and need guidance and discipline; you can't abdicate your parental responsibilities.  It's hard for me as the step mother to exert much control.  I'm in a difficult position.  I'm confused what to do--now I am trying to get TWO of them back in line with no support.  I'm pretty upset about it all.

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