Thursday, August 06, 2009

AK--Shoot the computer! Or Detroit Edison!

AK--Shoot the computer!  OR DET Energy (Detroit Edison)

I was working on my novels--I had thee documents open, Frog Haven, Saving Morgan Mountain, and todays Psion installment to SMM.  I pasted the installment into saving Morgan Mountain, spell-checked it, did soem revisions on it, then made all the editorial corrections in this round of Frog Haven and just as I was to save everything, there was some electrical blip and everything DISAPPEARED--everything--when I restarted Word, it had recovered only the Psion installment--the other two were gone.  I had just finished making the last correction in Frog Haven of all the edits sent to me.  I was able to find a version of it that had ONE of those edits, but as to whether the others were there too I do not yet know.  I was unable to find todays work in SMM and not only that, but yesterday's work had disappeared too (though I have a hard copy of that).  I spend a half hour searching and working and repasting the new installment into SMM into yesterday's version which I located on the thumb drive, but I had spent a fair time spell checking and editing, and all that work is LOST!  I have yet to ascertain how much of the new Frog Haven work was lost, if any.

We've been having brownouts and power stoppages and it makes safe computer work very difficult.  NOTE:  I had saved at every point along the way and it still disappeared somehow.  My work was gone, in SPITE of saving.  It seems impossible, but it happened.  I must admit I have an unstable system that crashes a lot over at the Rolandale Retreat House.

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