Monday, September 25, 2006

My day so far on Monday September 25 at 12:45 PM

I worked in the mid-basement and "completed" the rest of the south west side closest to the lower basement (yesterday I'd completed the back corner of that portion, this morning I completed the front corner of that portion).  By completed, I mean I believe I have removed everything I want to take to Detroit from that area.  I have not swept or vacuumed or removed boxes of stuff that don't relate.  I left a box of kitchen stuff:  glasses, cups etc, from the house at the lake without even examining it.  Hope there's nothing in there we want! 

I hauled out to the garage a HUGE garbage bag full of old clothes, papers, school papers, art and other nonrecyclables.  There are now three full trash bags for this weeks trash cycle.  Hard work, sweaty, dirty and the progress is incredibly slow.  From that stash, I did save some stuff, including pix from 1976 and earlier.  These included pix of Sara as a baby and toddler.  Also somehow a few of baby Erin.

I need to break now to shower, dress and send poems and pictures to Christopher Bursk for the reading I am doing in PA on Friday November 10.  I need to wash dishes (I'm getting behind again), fold laundry, call about Medicaid and social security for Mom (and maybe for myself), CANCEL a whole bunch of upcoming medical appointments including the MRI for my brain tumor since my heath insurance is now in Detroit, etc.  A lot of etcs including pack for Dodge.  BAH HUMBUG!  I want to get out of here, but none of those things will further that task.

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