Thursday, September 21, 2006

One photo brighter?

The light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel may just have gotten one photon brighter.  I finally finished essentially removing myself from one more room.  For a number of winters, I slept in Erin's old bedroom because my water bed is too cold at in the winter.  It is amazing how much of my stuff accumulated in her room.  It's nearly all out now, and I've done all I can do of the claiming myself portion of the job. 

It's not done.  For one thing, we're probably going to take the mattress on the bed.  But I can't do that alone and there is nowhere else to put it other than leaving it there until we take it.

I haven't removed anything of Erin's, and haven't vacuumed, washed windows or done any scrubbing or dusting.  I'm not doing that at this stage.  Right now, I am concentrating on removing myself, mainly those things I need or want in Detroit.

The bad news is:  piles of stuff from Erin's room now clutter the living room and hall and need to be dealt with.  More bad news is that I have asthma and hay fever from the dust.

The good news is, my stuff isn't in there and I am one step closer, small as it may be, to being finished

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