Saturday, September 09, 2006

small note, sleeping late, small dream, swollen feet

Sleeping Late

I rarely sleep late.  In fact, I rarely sleep (LOL!)  But I slept late this morning, though I did wake often and drift away again.  I slept much later than I "ever" do, until after 10:15.  The night before last, I had terrible insomnia.  I was awake until after 2:30, woke often, and then woke early and couldn't sleep.  I was worried about the mortgage being refused by the bank due to the bad appraisal.  I think last night I was making up for the loss the night before.  The problem is, when I lay awake in bed, I am not accomplishing anything, and then, if I sleep late, I'm taking away from my work time.  But I don't know how to sleep at night when I am having insomnia and if I don't sleep when I have the opportunity, I'm tired all the time and can't do as much.  I hope this doesn't disturb my sleep patterns even more by making me not tired or sleepy at bedtime.

Small Dream

I had a lot of dreams last night.  At the moment, I'm not remembering most of them, though some are hovering around the edges.  I do remember one small hynogogic dream where I was reaching into a basket of Indian (Native American) jewelry to pick up a beaded ring.  What was so amazing to me is the texture of the ring.  I could feel the round beads and wirey, resistant texture so clearly and startlingly that I woke up.  I could still clearly feel it, so I rubbed my fingers together, but there was nothing there that might simulate the sensation.  My hand was empty.

Swollen Feet

After days, maybe weeks of being boney and "thin," yesterday my feet were swollen, and they are swollen again today.  I don't know what causes this and it worries me.  I often think it is something I ate bad, but I don't know what.  Too much salt?  Too much fat?  Too much cholesterol?  Or something else entirely?  I am concerned about my weight and I wish I could turn it around and lose weight instead of gaining.

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