Saturday, September 09, 2006

Says you! and "the Lion's Share"

I thought I'd missed Says You, but I hadn't!  YAY!  (Sad to miss wait wait!)  It was very funny, as usual.  It was a rerun, and I'd heard it before, but it was still funny.  It was in Vermont.  I remembered the thing about the word "livid" as in livid with rage--it does not mean red or purple, but rather grey and pale.  Also, the Lion's share does not really mean the larger portion, but all of it!  It comes from an Aesop's fable where the lion talks all the jungle creatures into doing the work and then he takes all the profit because 1) he's the king, 2)he organized the event and 3)who dares to try and take any.  The moral of the story is, you can share in the work of the rich but you won't share in the spoils.  More "proof" that the rich are bad.

At the museum where I worked, most of the people on the board of directors were rich, but they thought it was OK to pay us poverty wages.  I was going to say, "I will never forgive them for that." but I probably should, for my own sake, not theirs.  They don't know that I hate them for it.  They aren't suffering from my unhappiness with them, I am.  Hmmm.

I wish like Amy Tan and Kim Edwards I could somehow humanize them, but I see them as monsters.  Like David Henry, they made a wrong choice and their wrong choice had a negative effect on my life and the lives of my children and long-range bad effects hat are being felt now in the house situation.  But they did it probably to "save the museum."  I think it was a bad chocie and that the museum would be a better place if they paid better wages.  They could hire better help and people paid farly will work better and be more faithful to the organization.  At least I think so.  Their miserliness hurt not only me and mine, but them as well.  Or the museum anyway, probably not them.  I haven't forgiven them yet, but I suppose I should try.

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