Sunday, June 07, 2009

Not Sleeping, Again

Not Sleeping, Again

After a period of sleeping somewhat better and feeling somewhat better, I am now in my third night of insomnia and getting increasingly tired.  I'm annoyed and sad to be awake after 2 AM.  I want to be asleep!  I want to be asleep now.

I don't know what causes the insomnia to go away or to come back, but I do know that when I have it, it messes up my life.  I get cranky and irritable, I'm tired and get less done, I feel rotten, my fibromyalgia gets worse.

I'm inclined to blame it on diet, but can't pinpoint what.  I had white bread and garlic today in the spaghetti.  I had dairy yesterday, not much, but a little.  I've been eating bread.

BB tries to blame it on worry.

I am worried, but not horribly.  I am worried about:

  • BB's job/our financial security
  • the mess
  • the Rolandale house
  • the squirrel
  • Donna/Donna's death/the celebration
  • my writing projects/getting done/getting published
  • my aging and health
  • my feeling overwhelmed (a result, in part, of not getting enough sleep!)
  • my diet
  • my insomnia! (AK!) (Vicious circle!)

I'm going to try to go back to bed.  If I am still awake a half hour after I go to bed, I may get back up--I'm not just awake, I'm agitated.  Sometimes, I'm awake, but can lie there relaxed and rest--that's better than being agitated and unable to lie still.

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Nadine said...

That sounds yucky. Your husband may have a point-- there's a piece on the TV right now about stress management and ADHD.


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