Monday, June 15, 2009

Packing for our trip:

Packing for our trip:

I just finished, finally, packing (just) my clothes for the trip to NY, Maine and New Hampshire.  It's 12:30 PM and to be sure, I did my exercises and fed the birds and sat in the back yard with Eager, not knowing if I'd ever have the chance again.  But still, since I had previously started gathering things, it seemed to take an inordinate length of time, running up stairs and down, to the basement, to the living room, back to the bedroom etc, to gather everything that was needed.  I was collecting stuff--mainly clothing so far, for BB and for myself.  I have NOT been online, not checked my email or the weather or anything, so where has the morning gone?  Am I the slowest person on earth?  When BB packs, he opens two drawers, counts out x number of socks, underwear and T-shirts, x being the number of days we're going, grabs a spare pair of jeans, and stuff them in a bag--voila, done!  Except, lately, to save him even that time and free him for putting air in tires, oil in the engine of the car and mowing the lawn, etc, I've been doing it for him.  Most of it anyway,  though, for me, nothing is ever that simple!  AK!

I did charge my camera batteries and downloaded the pix on the cards and cleared the cards (all except Giovanna's, which I have forgotten to do--and which I just went and did), but I did all that, except the one, yesterday.  I did locate and print poems and pictures, but likewise yesterday.  Today, all I accomplished so far besides hugging a squirrel, exercises and breakfast was packing the clothes.  Why am I so SLOW?  I hate it.

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