Monday, July 17, 2006


Under Amateur, there are three categories for the photo contest, color, black and white, and non-traditional. I am considering entering one traditional and one nontraditional (since I do both). I am also tempted to enter some of my artwork under fine arts and/or arts and crafts.

Arts & Crafts Jul 17 Book | Form N/A
Culinary Jul 17 Book | Form N/A
Fine Arts Jul 17 Book | Form N/A
Photography Jul 17 Book | Form N/A
Senior Citizens Jul 17 Book | Form N/A

As far as traditional, my two top choices are the orange butterfly on the OLP snow scene, which, though color, could be entered as a BW. My top choice for nontraditional is the chicken plate. Feedback? I have still to check and see if I have those on Tiny Toby.

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