Friday, November 03, 2006

Headed for New York

I'm headed for New York today, and then a few days later, to Pennsylvania.  I have two poetry readings and a new art show.  It will be a while before I am able to leave, as I've been so busy preparing for the poetry reading and art show that I haven't packed yet.  In fact, I just went down and started a load of laundry that contains things I want to take.  I mean to do that yesterday but got deeply involved with a poem that wouldn't let me go.  Now it turns out that the reading is a little too long.  I timed it last night, and I probably will have to leave off that poem that took so long yesterday.  Not that the work will be lost (I hope), but it could have been done at a more auspicious time, I guess.  I didn't know that, though, at the time I was working on it.

I spent some time this morning with Graham, since I won't be seeing him for a while.  He's grown so much I can't believe it.  So tall, so much more mature, and yet, still so young, so very young.  And yesterday, I spent some special time with Keith, since I won't see him for a while either.  Sweet time.  Loving time.  Time not spent packing, but better, more wisely spent.  This morning his alarm went off at 4:23 and I scratched his back for him, sleepily.  He squeezed my hand goodbye and left.  He has to be at work at 6 AM. 

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