Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things You Can't (Or shouldn't) Talk or Complain About

  1. Chronic Pain and health problems.  Everyone gets bored with it.  No matter how much it hurts.  They come to you with a hangnail or a sliver, but don't want to hear about the much worse pain you have.  And how it still hurts, weeks, months, years later.  Not that I blame them for that. 
  2. IBS, constipation, etc.  Yetch!
  3. Female problems (or male problems, if you're a guy).  Too private, and then there's the yetch factor.
  4. How busy you are.  Even if you think you're busier, they're probably busy, too.  Or, if they're not, they're resentful that you are (I've really had this happen)
  5. Hangnails (who cares?)(OK, so they do hurt sometimes.  So what?)
  6. Your affair. I suppose it's juicy gossip, but I find it upsetting--AK!  OK, OK, you can tell me.  But I might tell just one person who might tell one other.  Etc.
  7. Family secrets.  (Someone in the family might find out what you said.)

There are lots more.  I actually believe, however, that with the right person, you should be able to talk honestly and openly about anything.  And some family secrets should definitely be shared.  Like abuse.

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