Wednesday, March 15, 2006

insomnia revisted

After crowing about how well I slept for the last few days, I had a bout of insomnia last night, not as bad as before.  But I had trouble falling asleep (lost about an hour) and was awake from 3-4 AM plus and ended up with about 4-4.5 hours of sleep.  Which isn't that bad, but 6-8 is a lot better.  Worse was I had fibro and neck pain during the night and was rotating my ankles and so on trying to relieve it.

I still think it is something I'm eating. Yesterday I had oatmeal and rice milk, whole wheat, turkey pepperoni and oat cheese, and chicken, zucchini and portatbella mushrooms and 3 prunes.

I discovered when I read carefully that the pepperoni has lactic acid in it, so I suspect that.  then maybe the wheat? 

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