Saturday, March 18, 2006

Re: Mi Casa Su Casa

I lived in a house with black widows for a year--lots of black widows. They hung down in the doorways and in the middle of rooms on their gossamer strands. I had to be vigilant. I used to carry them outside in the summer, but in the winter, I just left them there and was careful. BUT I did not have any babies or small children.

I hope you open all the windows, as those toxic chemicals are harmful to breathe-could you stay away MORE that two hours?

On 3/17/06, laura wrote:

Hi Keith and Mary!
Talking about bugs I had the exterminators come twice in two weeks. I had them called because of small problems, ants and some spiders. Last year I had them come a few times to spray inside and out because of black widows, yes oh... we had them and they were putting eggs. I have not seen any recently just the odd spider here and there, but since I had them come for the ants might just well mention the spiders too. Yeah, with the rain here and there the ants began making our home their home (mi casa su casa). It was never very bad but rather anoying. Now after the two visits there are still coming but in smaller quantities. They assure me that the chemical they spray with is not harmful to humans and it will be all right with Nathaniel crawling, I do not quite buy that. We have to leave the premises for at least two hours after they arrive. I remember returning and just the smell of it had my head spinning as if I had 3 beers. It is not an easy choice.

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