Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Balancing the CPAP Equation

Things I hate about the CPAP:
  1. I get tangled in the tubing, which is uncomfortable
  2. It's hard to sleep with something stuck on your face
  3. it's hard to sleep with air blowing on you, and/or blowing in your eyes
  4. it hisses
  5. it restricts my motion
  6. it wakes me up every time I turn or move because I get tangled or it becomes dislodged
  7. I have to take it with me everywhere, pack and unpack it, set it up
  8. I can't go wilderness camping any more or sleep out at silk creek
  9. I have to go to two sets of appointments every 3-6 months
  10. I have to have regular all night sleep studies and it's hard to sleep in a lab with all those wired taped to my scalp etc
  11. the parts are expensive (ridiculously so)
Things I like about the CPAP:
  1. It helps keep me alive.
  2. I feel somewhat better when I use it.

I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats

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