Thursday, May 18, 2006

Carton Creatures

My daughters, who are 30 and 31, made creatures out of milk cartons in preschool. Cute and colorful, with egg-carton eyes. They've lived for more than 25 years on the shelf of my bed. Today, because I am moving to a small, overcrowded house with no (insuffcient) room for me and my stuff, I carried my long-loved creatures out to the trash. And I feel heartbroken.


Bearuh said...

aww that is so sad! I know what you mean about not having any room though.. I am SUCH a junk collector.. it runs in my family.. I always think.. hmm maybe I will use this later.. lol and maybe I do but like once?
I love the banner! That is so cool that my tutorial helped you!
I have worked some more on the face pic.. I will try and maybe post it today.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I guess milk carton creatures that my kinds made in nursery school are not the sort of thing I will actually NEED later, but dammit, not that they are gone, I wish I'd at least taken pictures of them!!!! They were cute.

WAHN! ;-(


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