Tuesday, May 16, 2006

one and a half down, 1,000,000,004.5 to go

Well, thought I had a billion things to do and I did one, but instead of going DOWN, the number went up!

I went over to Weggies to get food for my trip and while I was there, I got some food eat these last couple days before I leave and also some for my first few days in Detroit because we'll be busy with Sarah and Steve's wedding etc.

So now, on top of the 999,999,999 things I still had to do, I have to put away the food in the fridge etc, take it back out and pack it for Detroit, load it in the car, unload it, and put it away in Detroit.  At least, Keith may help me at that end.  It's half put away, so that's why the 1,000,000,004.5.


Well, it may seem funny, but sometimes, that's how I really feel!!!!

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