Thursday, May 25, 2006

Re: What constitutes an emergency?

On 5/25/06, Erin wrote:

Where did this "emergency-only" come from? I think you should take the Ambien more often, or look into the new sleep aid, Lunesta, if it will make you feel better! You need more and better sleep. It would help the fibro and all of your other ailments. I was chatting with a co-worker who has fibro, and she takes an anti-depressent that helps her sleep, which in turn helps her with her fibro. I know you had major troubles with that one you took, but there might be others that could help. I love you!

I wrote:

Emergency only came from my doctor. Ambien is addictive and my sleep doctor, Dr. Flintrop and his nurse practitioner have both told me repeatedly that taking sleeping pills is actually worse for you, generally, than not, for a variety of reasons. Good sleep does help fibro a lot, but sleeping pill sleep is not the same as real sleep--it disturbs the sleep cycles and you don't get the real restorative sleep you need. However, even bad sleep must be better than no sleep. I was so wired and restless last night that I didn't even lie down again until 4:05 and lay there wide awake until some time between 4:45 and 5 AM.

I read that sleep resets the appestat, too, good appropriate sleep, and helps prevent weight gain. (Never mind how exhausted you feel when you don't sleep! I feel like a walking zombie today. Bleah!)

I would say an emergency might be if I can't sleep again tomorrow night or the next night. To complicate things, we're going camping tomorrow for Memorial day weekend, and it's hard to sleep on the ground when you haven't been, especially the first few nights.

I read and heard on NPR that Ambien cases "sleep" walking and also sleep eating and sleep driving. One of those senators recently arrested said he was addicted to Ambien.

And I have so many allergies to meds (and other things) that I am afraid to try new drugs.

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