Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another day without my Husband

060811 Art Delivery
Friday, August 11, 2006,12:50 PM Psion, Kimbrook
    I am just back from delivering my 2 pieces of art and my two pieces of photography to the art and home center at the State Fair.  What a bunch of mixed feelings!  Relief to finally be done with the preparation, sort of like delivering a baby.  Relief.  But then I looked around at the competition and knew I have a very tough battle.  WOW!! There was some incredibly astoundingly good art there.  Very discouraging.  Then, there was also some that wasn't so good. I'd say mine was in the middle somewhere.  Maybe even 2/3 of the way up.  But NOT at the top.  I think they could be at the top.  That is, with some changes.  One is, they need to be bigger.  I wonder if after designing them on the computer, I could then Paint them--large. I don't know if I could do that.  Also, I have to learn art categories.  I'm not sure I entered them in the right categories.
    The photos were piled in categories, so I could only see the top ones. But the art was arranged in the rooms by categories, so I could look at all the ones that were there.  There's still another delivery day and piles of unpacked art, so I only saw a fraction of the entries.  But I did see a LOT, and was glad to see them.
    I watched other people coming in and they just dropped off their stuff. They asked no questions and did not look around.  I'm glad I'm me. Curious and interested.  I want to learn as much as I can.
    First I collect and put away the hardware, wire, mat knife, tape and other supplies for matting and framing pictures, hope I got everything.  Hope I don't need any of it again until after I get moved.
    The next thing on the agenda is to mow the lawn, but first I have to change my clothes and braid my hair.
    And put on boots.
    12:19 PM  I am dressed, booted and braided, but I have to get gas before I can mow.
    First I search again for that blue jay skull, but can't find any trace of it.  :-(
    1:47 PM I got gas, and then had to shuffle boxes around in the garage in order to get the mower out because the chute of the chipper was blocking it in.  Gassed the mower and after I get on gloves and earplugs, I'll be ready to attempt to start the mower.  Finally.
    None of this is moving the cleaning and packing and moving forward in anyway.  :-(
    I intend to simply mow around any brush and woodpiles etc.  I am not taking the time to move those.
    2:01 PM  well, the lawnmower is stalled because I tried to mow too close to one of the brush piles, the big one on the sextant dr side, and it sucked up a bunch of grape vines that tangled around and around the drive wheels etc so now I have to get the loppers and nip them all off, Grrrrr!
    The lawn mower did NOT start on the first or second or third pull, took about twenty and I was getting tired.  Hope it starts after this.
    2:07 PM, took 6 minutes to disentangle it and some of my newly purchased expensive gas leaked into the lawn.  There's a garage sale across the street so hoards of people are watching my struggle.
    Puff, pant wheeze.  And, of course, now I cannot get the mower going again.  ;-(  I'm out of breath and have to attempt to catch it before I try again.  WAHN!
    2:41 PM  I mowedfor30minutes, probably the worse mowing job I've ever done.  Normally, I start at the edge of the road and work up toward the house going back and forth in neat straight parallel lines, so I can tell where I've been, but between the brush piles on logs and branches and trampling from the brush cutting, I couldn't really tell where I'd mowed and where I hadn't, plus the light was all weirdly dappled which added to the difficulty of seeing what remained to be mowed.  So, it's mowed along the edges, but the rest of it is rather haphazard.
    I need to remember to remind Erin about the lawn police so she does not get a citation.
    Since I only mowed for a half hour, I am now out walking to get the other15minutes, though it does seem tome that the time I spent attempting to start the mower, which is hard work for me, might count for something.
    No one is at the Kimbrook Park, not one person or dog.  It is still and silent.  The children must all be in watching TV or playing video games.  Or at the malls.
    When I finish my walk, I am going to change back into nicer clothes and go to the bank to attempt to deal with some of my mother's financial issues.  Since I have to go there anyway, I am going to take a load of stuff to the Salvation Army to clear it out and make more space for staging boxes to Detroit.  It's not enumerated, so I will have to do that there.  I wonder what time the bank closes.  If it is too early, I will have to postpone all that until Monday.
    I need to begin planning for a trip to Detroit, picking up trip food, making arrangements for mowing, etc etc, all of which takes time.
    I have not been on-line or turned on Toby at all today, because there are always upsetting messages that need to be dealt with and that all takes time.  But at some point before the day is over, I will need to do that.
    There is a small hawk circling the sky.  It does not have curved wings.  It flies fast.  It is smaller than a red tail and larger than a kestrel.  But it has moved away out of sight, so I cannot tell what it is, and my bird books are all in Detroit.
    Oh-oh, it is 46 total minutes (mowing and walking) and I'm not back yet.  I have so much to-do that I did not want walk any extra, but it is so hard to calculate exactly how to make the time come out perfect when you're not walking out and back and even when you are, there are complicating factors like hills etc.
    Forty-nine minutes I walked and mowed. I guess four extra minutes are not all that bad.
    I need to remember to talk to the girls about picking up the reject pictures, assuming there are any, ha ha.  Maybe, though Erin said she'd get them, maybe, if Sara is still unemployed, she could get them.  Erin encouraged me to enter, but I guess she doesn't like the pictures I picked. Wish I'd have entered the Detroit Ren Center one.
    I was really impressed by the work of the other artists.  Sigh.
    There are people who paint or do other traditional arts who don't think digital art is real art.  But then, there are painters who don't think collages are real art or even that photos are art. I must say, there is something particularly artistic about paintings.
    4:00 PM  I am at the bank. I have drive home and drive BACK down with the power of attorney forms.  WAHN!  :-(
    My feet are floating around in my sandals, making me aware that during that time I was having worse fibro and bad sleeping etc, my feet were also badly swollen.
    4:40 PM  I am home and I am really sad and depressed. I need to locate the power of attorney form and drive back to the bank. It was stupid of me to not bring it, I admit, but I thought I was just going down to change MY name and didn't realize I had to also sign for my mother, grrr. The reason I am so depressed it this~ the whole entire day will soon be gone and I've done almost nothing toward mowing, but what was I supposed to not do? I haven't been playing or having fun or eating bon bons, I've busy doing stuff that needed to be done. :-(
    And then all my $%&*£$% supposed friends and family keep asking why it is taking so \@<>[]\ long.  Obviously, they live charmed lives and my life is blessed by Murphy or something.
    It makes me DISLIKE my friends etc when they ask that question.
    I want to no longer be friends with someone.  Maybe they should come with me while I go through my day. Talk to the bank lady.  Mow the lawn, get gas for the mower, get bank numbers for the trust, write checks for the trust etc--that's what I have to do when THIS is done.
    The bank lady told me in no uncertain terms I should carry the power of attorney--CARRY it? Bring it today, yes, but carry it?  I don't think so; I haven't needed it in 9months.
    I stopped at the Salvation Army and enumerated and left 6 yes SIX big bags of clothes, more stuff out of the house.  Thank God.
    5:14 PM  I am sitting in the lady's office, but the lady isn't here.  I ASKED her specifically and she said she'd be here til SIX.   But she's gone.  I drove all the way back down here wasting my time and gas and will have to come back before 1:00 tomorrow now.  I can't believe this.  VERY upsetting.  I'm telling you, it's a PLOT!  Let's just keep thwarting her every step of the way , wasting her time and money and keeping her from doing what she needs to do and then, lets have all her friends ask why it's taking so long   Let's bug her about it until she kills herself or them.
    A man is copying the power of attorney forms and trying to help me, but the bottom line is, I probably have to comeback tomorrow.  Another lady gets involved and brings me some forms to sign and I sign them, but the forms are different, so I may or may not have to come back tomorrow.

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