Thursday, August 10, 2006

a tendency to blame myself!

Well, I am back from AC Moore with the mats and annoyed.  When I measured the mat I'd originally bought at home, I was very upset to discover that instead of being able to cut two mats out of it, I could only cut one.  I would have sworn they were labeled 20 x 32, but they were 20 x 30.  I decided I must have read wrong.  BUT NO, they are clearly labeled 20 x 32!  The mat was cut wrong--and I didn't measure it, I trusted the store label.

And to make things worse, there were no more white ones, so I had to buy black.  I got two in case I messed one up.   If they had had the right-sized mats or if they had them correctly labeled so I'd have bought two, I might have gotten these things read and delivered today and saved time and money--time and money BOTH being of essence now.

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