Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Drug Saga Continues, and the wisp of hope flickers

Dr. Guyer had me on Rozerem and Ambien together, and the combination seemed to cause a significant decrease in my fibromyalgia pain, which had gotten very bad. I was operating on old Ambiens and sample Rozerems, but when they ran out, Notre Dame Pharmacy and Medco (my drug insurance) wouldn’t give me new meds, so I reported this to the doctor. There has since been an ongoing furor with Dr. Beeai, Dr. Guyer, Dr. Guyer’s nurses, Medco, etc.

Meanwhile, I was supplied with a few samples of Rozerem and I have a very few Ambiens left, and last night, I took a Rozerem and an Ambien together again after a short hiatus.

I need to point out that yesterday, without Rozerem, and with half an Ambien, I was worse. Significantly worse. I was somewhat worse during the day and very bad last night. It isn’t JUST the pain, I also feel sick, and tight and stiff, and my belly hurts and so on. I’m uncomfortable and unhappy. And cranky and grouchy and I don’t like anyone or anything. I want to curl up in a prickly ball and die.

This morning when I woke up, there was a deep dull pain in my hip. And my neck hurts—a little—annoying, but not horrendous—yet. I won’t know until the end of the day if this was a good day or a bad day health-and-pain–wise. I have to walk and try to function before I know that. Hope has risen again. Hope that at least today I won’t have as much pain and I can function somewhat normally. We’ll see.

I really wish to function normally and healthily without drugs. But unfortunately, I don’t. I’m having a great deal of angst over taking all these drugs. I wish I could find a healthier solution.

Photo by me. Yesterday, at the clinic, hassling over drugs.

P365-07Ph&B I'm taking a picture a day, and I suppose I could back-post this to yesterday, but I'm not. It's yesterday's picture and todays blabbing. (As always, click on the image to view larger.) Posted by Picasa


BerryBird said...

Cool picture!!

I know you don't like taking medication, but you shouldn't beat yourself up about it so much. If it improves the quality of your life, that is a good thing.

BerryBird said...

I still think you should ask the doctor about Lunestra. If you could take one sleeping medication instead of two, you might not feel so bad about it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I worry that it may make the quality of my life WORSE. If it was all for the good I wouldn't worry.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OH, and thanks! :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

He has Lunestra ads up in his office--you'd think he would have mentioned it if he thought it was right for me. I'll try to remember when I go back prolly Feb 16.


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