Monday, January 01, 2007

Grateful (sort of)

OK, he may not have an ounce of romance or be willing to please me by paying attention to what might make me happy, or caring about matters of the heart, but he is still the best husband I ever had.

I am grateful that he
  • loves me (I guess, sometimes it's hard to tell!)
  • that he doesn't beat me
  • that he isn't literally mean or nasty to me
  • he's not abusive to me (except by torturing me with certain insensitivities)
  • is willing to take a turn cooking
  • works hard and long
  • is smart in other ways (even if he is stupid romantically much of the time)
  • shares a lot of interests with me
  • smells good
  • is cute
  • is nice to hold (when he doesn't disappear into the bathroom at the crucial moment)
  • is willing to help in the kitchen
  • buys me nice things sometimes like saddlebags for my motorcycle
  • rubs my feet sometimes (like tonight at Neil and Laura's)
  • IS nice to be with and good company when he isn't busy being stupid

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