Sunday, October 09, 2005

Allergic to everything: The food hermit

The doctor said, don't call it an allergy, call it a "sensitivity." but it seems to amount the same thing. If I eat the way the doctor wants me to eat, I have to live in solitary confinement. I can't visit my friends and have a communal meal. No one can remember that nearly everything makes me sick. Yesterday, we had seafood chowder with lots of butter and half 'n half. Of course, I'm allergic to dairy. The day before, we had sausage soup--my doctor says no sausage, too high in cholesterol. For lunch, we had a burrito casserole with both cheese and soy. Soy exascerbates my fibromyalgia! AK! We had apple pie with sugar and fat--all bad according to my doctor. It all tasted wonderful of course! But "poisonous!"


patricia said...

Sometimes, if you really will follow the doctor's order, you will end up eating nothing at all! And if you don't eat anything, it will surely weaken your body.

Maybe eating anything even if it is not allowed by your doctor as long as you eat it in moderation, it's just okay.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

If I avoid everything the doctor says to avoid, I will surely starve to death.

My brother has a saying, after visiting HIS doctor--"If it tastes good, spit it out."

Yes, as my father always said, "all things in moderation. The older you get, the more moderate you need to be, I guess.


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